share application account is which type of account: MCQ on Issue of Shares and Share Capital Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


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Sums deposited are converted to INR instantly. NRIs may repatriate all the money deposited in this account into their bank accounts abroad. A Fixed Deposit Account is a type of investment on which you can earn a fixed or steady interest rate and guaranteed returns on the amount invested. The only tradeoff is that you have to fix or block the deposit amount is until maturity. Investment tenures for fixed deposits range from 7 days to 10 years.

MCQ Questions for Class 12 Accountancy Chapter 6 Accounting for Share Capital with Answers

FCCS_Investment In Sub is an example of an optional seeded Rate Override account. Then you should balance liabilities by giving credit to capital account- liabilities increase by 1000₹. The first entry is recording cash from applicants. There can be 100 applicants which you cannot show in the financial statement of changes in equity. Meantime, any dividend paid, retained earnings will be debited.


Ok, come to learn when company gets application money. Foreign Currency Non-Resident Account or FCNR accounts are maintained in foreign currency denominations. This is a Fixed Deposit Account that offers a fixed interest rate upon maturity. Accounts holders can avail of loans in India against their FCNR deposits. Non-Resident Indians living abroad can open NRI accounts in India. This type of bank account is further divided into three types – NRE, NRO and FCNR account.

It is the received in respect to an initial public offering of shares. This money can be more or less than the actual amount anticipated in respect to the number of shares floated. The recognition of share application money in a balance sheet should be carefully recorded; otherwise, it will lead to misstatement of the financial position of a company.

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These accounts relate to companies and institutions such as Kapoor Pvt Ltd A/c, Booker’s Club A/c etc. Thus, companies and institutions are the entities that exist in the eyes of law. These accounts relate to natural persons such as Veer’s A/c, Ayan’s A/c, Karen’s A/c etc. Further, an account is usually represented in a T-Format. The left side is known as the debit side whereas the right side of an account is labeled as the credit side.


D) Issued capital is that part of authorised capital which is applied by the public and allotted by company. E) Premium payable on redemption of preference shares. A) Liability of the members is limited upto the face value of shares held by them. Preference shares have a right to receive dividend at a fixed rate before any dividend given to equity Shares. According to Sec. 43 of the Companies Act 2013 “an equity share is share which is not preference share”. An equity share does not carry any preferential right.

Personal Account

Company records every applicant’s record relating to share capital transaction. This is done through share application and allotment book and share call book. Following is the sample of application and allotment book. With same format, you can also make share call book. Allotment means physical transfer of shares from company to investor. After this, a investor will become the owner and shareholder of company.

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share application account is which type of accounts of stock the owner’s capital account the revenue account cash in the bank account. Share application account is referred to as a personal account. The share application account indicates the money received by… Company may get call money in 1st call, 2nd call and final calls. So, when and which call money will be due, we will transfer this call money to share capital account.

Share Application Account is in the nature of:

The Golden Rule of Real Account says, “Debit What Comes in, Credit What Goes Out”. These are the assets or possessions that do not have physical existence but can be measured in terms of money. This means that such assets have some value attached to them. As the name suggests, Personal Accounts are the ones that are related with individuals, companies, firms, group of associations etc. These persons could include natural persons, artificial persons or representative persons.

  • You also get a wide range of services like debit cards, internet banking, online bill payments etc., with the account.
  • BSBDA is a type of savings account that does not require a minimum balance.
  • Ok, come to learn when company gets application money.
  • On allotment and the balance on first and final call.
  • With same format, you can also make share call book.

Preference shares have a right to get their capital returned, before the capital of equity shareholders is returned in case the company is going to wind up. An Account is an outline of business transactions in respect of persons, their representatives and things. Understand what a nominal account and a real account are. Know about real account vs nominal account with the help of real and nominal account examples. The investor has right to get his invested money if company do not give shares.

Types of Privileged Accounts: Service Accounts and More

As per the Companies Act, only preference shares, which are redeemable within …………. Service Accounts can be privileged local or domain accounts that are used by an application or service to interact with the operating system. In some cases, these service accounts have domain administrative privileges depending on the requirements of the application they are being used for. Local service accounts can interact with a variety of Windows components, which makes coordinating password changes difficult. Reading of Rule 13 makes it clear that all provisions of section 42 are also applicable to issue of shares under section 62© . B) Sweat Equity Shares issued at a discount must belong to a class of shares already issued.

Often, for ease of use, they have the same password across an entire platform or organization. Using a shared password across thousands of hosts makes local administrative accounts a soft target that advanced threats routinely exploit. Share application money pending allotment is restricted to 60 days in the below-mentioned issues for all types of companies. Equity shares are entitled to dividend and repayment of capital after the claims of preference shares are satisfied. Equity shareholders control the affairs of the company and have right to all the profits after the preference dividend has been paid. An advantage of the corporate form of business is that – It has a limited life.

When call money will receive, we will debit the bank account and credit the share call account. Company issues the prospectus during initial public offering. All the person who satisfied with company’s written terms and objectives in the prospectus, may apply for getting shares. This is the first transaction which is done between the investor and company. In the end, company will make shareholder register to record the current shareholders.

X Ltd. issued a prospectus inviting applications for 50,000 equity shares of Rs 10 each payable as to Rs 2 on application and Rs 3. On allotment and the balance on first and final call. The total number of applications amounted to 60,000 shares. The directors refunded money on 10,000 shares. Share application account is a a) real account b) nominal account c) personal account d) none of… Current accounts are used, mainly by business owners or corporations.

Your account will automatically be charged on a monthly basis until you cancel. There is no limit on the number of subscriptions ordered under this offer. This offer cannot be combined with any other QuickBooks Online promotion or offers.

If needed, you can withdraw your FD before term by paying a premature withdrawal penalty. Fixed Deposits usually offer higher interest rates than a Savings Account and are considered safe investments for risk-averse investors. Placeholder accounts are base members populated to ensure that the parent accounts are treated as parent accounts and are not mistaken as base accounts.

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