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Exclusive Real Estate Agency & Investissments

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The Agency

The agency Bliss Real Estate Asia is born after spending months in this paradise, falling in love of her beauty and her amazing potential.

Specialist in Villas Rentals and Exclusive Sales in Ibiza, a other beautiful island  in Europe, this structure based here is connected with my international professional network of Real Estate based in the few strategic famous spots in the world.

We offer Lands & luxurious Villas for Rent & Sale, Properties Management & Projects Investment.

In partnership with the best stakeholders in the field of Development of Real Estate projects and construction in Koh Phangan, we propose you to support  you step by step to achieve your dream to become owner in this corner of paradise.

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Do you have ever thought one day to be owner of your dream house ?
Here In Koh Phangan is possible ...

You decided to take the plunge and jump in a new possibilty of bliss ?
We assist you for achieve your vision ...
Dedicated to make your dream comes true.

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Projects Investment

Why is very interesting to invest in Koh Phangan nowadays & make this investment to build your dream house ?

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Aerial photography & video.

We offer you Aerial photography & video for promotion and advertisement your villa.
Bring the branding of your properties to another level.